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Our goals

1. Solar for Europe's Future – Increasing the share of solar and renewable energy.

2. Sustainable Solar - Solar products should be manufactured using the highest environmental and labour standards, embracing new technologies and supporting local communities.

3. Healthy Competition – Undistorted competition as the motor of innovation and affordability over the long term.

Press Releases

18/08/2016 - European installers in favor of fair competition → EN DE

18/07/2016 - European solar industry warns Commission against Market Economy Status for China  → EN (206.80KB)

19/04/2016 - EU ProSun: Studie von IHS belegt Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der europäischen Solarindustrie → DE

05/12/2015 - Solar Industry: Expiry Reviews of anti-dumping and anti-subsidy measures → EN DE

30/11/2015 - EU ProSun calls for the sun to shine at Paris Climate Conference → EN



EU ProSun is a joint initiative of members of the EU solar industry. The mission of EU ProSun is to promote sustainable energy production using solar technology. EU has decided on clear climate goals for 2020, which will be an important step towards leaving behind risky technologies such as nuclear energy and to considerably limit the unnecessary CO2 emissions.

EU ProSun believes that photovoltaic energy systems can become a major pillar of the energy revolution in Europe.

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17/06/2015 - PV Tech: Failed module brand QSolar used fake TÜV SÜD certificates → View

10/06/2015 - PV Magazine: Intersolar Europe: SolarWorld exits SolarPower Europe trade body → View

10/06/2015 - PV Tech: Intersolar 2015: SolarWorld quits SolarPower Europe over trade dispute → View

09/06/2015 - Energy Trend: ReneSola, ET Solar Withdrew from EU-China MIP Deal, Canadian Solar to Review Legal Options → View

05/06/2015 - PV Magazine: Eu Prosun calls for PV MIP investigation to be extended following solar companies' breach→  View

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