EU ProSun is a joint initiative of EU solar businesses. The mission of EU ProSun is to promote sustainable energy production using solar technology. The EU has decided on clear climate goals for 2020, which will be an important step towards leaving behind risky technologies and limit unnecessary CO2 emissions. EU ProSun believes that photovoltaic energy systems can become a major pillar of the energy revolution in Europe.

EU ProSun members are committed to the highest environmental and labour standards, as well as to the further development of world-leading solar technologies. We want to maintain and build this sustainable and vibrant photovoltaic industry in Europe.

During the last twenty years, the European solar industry has worked hard to gain global leadership. There are now over 130 European solar manufacturers investing in European R&D, local jobs, renewable energy and our common future. EU ProSun promotes European manufacturing that generates added value locally by creating thousands of jobs in all EU Member States, but also ensures progressive energy independence of Europe.

Supporters of EU ProSun stand for healthy competition in which companies do not gain an unfair advantage over others. We believe that only undistorted trade and fair competition further innovation, efficiency and lowers prices sustainably over the long term.

Immediate Objective of EU ProSun

EU ProSun members can compete on fair terms with any solar manufacturer in the world but not with the state capitalism of the People’s Republic of China. In the current situation, where EU solar manufacturers are going bankrupt and the industry is being destroyed by the massive subsidisation and dumping of Chinese solar panels in the EU, the immediate objective of EU ProSun is to have the EU recreate a level playing field with China. Hence, EU ProSun members have joined together to call on the EU to impose trade defence instruments measures on EU imports of Chinese solar panels as soon as possible.

The US government recently determined that at least 10 categories of Chinese subsidies for its solar manufacturers were illegal, and that Chinese exporters sold solar cells in the USA at dumping margins ranging between 30% and 250%. The US decisions confirm the existence of China’s unfair trade practices. The US measures make it likely that Chinese exports will be diverted to the EU and therefore we are calling on the EU to conduct an investigation to confirm and stop unfair Chinese trade practices vis-à-vis the EU market.





Statement on anonymous supporters

Unfortunately companies who take a public stance against China are sometimes targeted by the authorities there. As EU Trade Commissioner Karel de Gucht recently stated "It is undeniable that many European companies are unwilling to come forward and make justified trade defence complaints due to fear of consequences for their business." Hence the European Commission accepts confidentiality in filing trade complaints, and most of EU ProSun supporters wish to stay anonymous.